Watercolor and Acrylic Artist


When you contemplate Ilham Majure’s paintings you are immediately enthralled by a poetic alphabet and are set upon a multifaceted path of discovery.  Exploring her passionate universe requires letting your senses free to be carried by feelings, the harmony of the colors and the subtlety of each detail.

Ilham not only knows the most intricate secrets of Arabic calligraphy, but she also plays with forms masterfully, caressing each with elegance and lyricism while inviting us to pass into a different time inhabited by symbols and minarets, musical notes playing, escaping from some secret pentagram, possibly hidden between the various parts of a dome invading spaces between songs that were never really forgotten, the strumming of the laud, the echo of the muezzin against the silence of the dawn or some fragrant poetry that slumbered.

Concha López Sarasúa




Sharing the generosity of your free spirit, your art, dreams, fantasies and your imagination, you impart to all the world your dreams, your concept of Beauty and Harmony.  Your works bring back to my memory our longing for Unity as personified by the verses or our mutually esteemed poet Mahyi-din Ibn Arabi manifested from his heart and expressing his love for all humanity.  His heart could encompass all aspects and the myriad manifestations of deep consciousness.  His (like yours) was a love of lovers that instead of loving the Occurrence loved the Essential.

José Valdivia Valor

Professor of Mysticism and Sufism

University of Alicante