Watercolor and Acrylic Artist / Artista de acuarela y acrílico


Ilham Majure

Colors, aromas and music have always been my passion as they connect me to various parts of the world. They take me to different times, latitudes and emotions. Having immersed myself in very different cultures, my horizons have expanded into a universe with different perspectives but yet tinted with visions of my childhood, memories that remain strong and persistent.
Architectural forms and calligraphy which I used as a graphic designer in the United States are converted to colors and letters in the open spaces of my paintings.

Working in watercolors is a virtuosity requiring long years of experience and a novice must struggle courageously to give this art form the justice it deserves.

Now I live in Spain where I have spent two decades immersed in the art of flamenco which has touched the very depths of my soul. I also have a passion for the Arabic language and literature.

Equally important to me is the love of animals and nature from which spring feelings of love, beauty and inspiration.