Watercolor and Acrylic Artist / Artista de acuarela y acrílico

About me

My life trip started in Baghdad at a time when arts and literature were very present, and I grew up with the fascination for painting and drawing of beautiful old architecture, and Arabic calligraphy which were very alive and appreciated. The visions of my surroundings from my childhood and adolescence were engraved in my mind with all its colors and forms.

Beirut was my next station where I studied fine arts and especially Islamic art whose heart is the calligraphy, then to the US where I perused my interest in Arabic design and calligraphy by working with architects.

My path crossed with many countries around the world with different cultures, languages, and styles of art, needless to say that includes music, dance and singing.

As I set sails in Spain my fascination with the flamenco art finally was there for me to indulge in and enjoy especially dancing, but also the flamenco guitar and the cajon. I always felt its proximity with Arabic music in its joyfulness, sadness and its cries. They both use the same musical scales, tonalities, especially the quarter tone, and improvisation and the religious singing and even the words Olé, ay ay and Lolailo have their Arabic roots.

Being involved in the flamenco art for long years, I captured its expressions, gestures and emotions and put them in my paintings as a tribute to this art that I admire so much and ever since my youth and my dream of having one day a pair flamenco shoes and learn to play the guitar.